COVID-19 updates

  •  All camps at Camp Bountiful have been cancelled until further notice.

  • Bountiful Mission Center services and in-person church activities have been cancelled until future notice.


Connect with your church community via the Bountiful Mission Center facebook group:

See World Church COVID-19 Updates here:

See the video below for instructions to continue tithing during this time of social distancing. 


Community of Christ is an International church with 250,000 members living in over 60 nations. Bountiful Mission Center has 18 congregations located in southeastern Ohio and West Virginia. Christ's mission is our mission.

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Bountiful Mission Center congregations are working to put our Enduring Principles into action throughout southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and everywhere we go. Click below to find us in action, get involved, or discover programs you can initiate in your own community. 

The future will hold a variety of ways to engage in service, learning, fellowship, and fun within our congregations and campgrounds. Check out the Events Page for the full lineup!